Doula Mentorship / Education

Have you ever left a birth wishing you had a doula for yourself? Have you ever felt alone in the doula business and wish you had someone to hold your hand through the next steps of your career? Have you ever been at a birth so many hours you wish you had someone you could text to boost your energy, give you some insights and help you get through?

If your answer is yes to one or all of this questions this doula mentorship maybe right for you.

In order to build a strong and sustainable doula practice every doula needs support. This support it may be to process a birth, to brainstorm business strategies or to grow knowledge skills and confidence.

In this Doula Mentorship Program you will have:

  • One-on one mentorship sessions to review your current clients and how to best serve them

  • One-on one mentorship sessions to review your business strategy and goals

  • Post-Birth debrief sessions to process your experience of the birth, what you’ve learned and how can you use that for your professional and personal growth

  • Guided learning and discussion opportunities on various topics to grow your personal knowledge as well as your practice

The doula mentorship is intended as your doula professional development as well as your self-care.

Contact Kelly for more information about this program. (201) 362-6955  |