Photo: Courtesy of Maegan Dougherty Photography & Sweetbirths

Photo: Courtesy of Maegan Dougherty Photography & Sweetbirths

Photo: Courtesy of Maegan Dougherty Photography & Sweetbirths

Photo: Courtesy of Maegan Dougherty Photography & Sweetbirths


Infant Massage

In Group or Private

Deepen your bond with your baby as you learn techniques that promote better sleep, ease digestion and reduce stress hormones. Learn how to massage your baby’s body from head to toes, all the benefits of infant massage including what oils to use and best time to massage your baby. By incorporating a gentle touch and reflexology in a loving, fun and one-on-one interaction you will nourish your baby’s mind, body and spirit.

This series is developed for babies from newborn through crawling, but you will also learn how to adapt your massage as your baby grows. Infant Massage is also a great way to connect with other parents with young babies and share the challenges and joys of parenthood.

Includes mats, props (massage oil) and take home reading materials to help you massage baby at home.

Mommy & Me Yoga

What is Mommy & Me Yoga?
First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the birth of your little one!!! Your life and your body went through 9 months of intense transformation that will continue along the next year or so. Mommy & Me yoga’s main goal is to ease this transformational process while helping you to reestablish your body’s strength and flexibility, deepening your bond with your baby and getting to know other moms that are going through the same process. During Mommy & Me yoga classes you will be performing asanas (yoga poses) that are designed specially for new moms. Sometimes the happiness and urge to care for our baby it’s so intense that we end up putting an extra load in our bodies creating tension on neck, shoulders and back muscles. Many of the poses will help strengthen your upper back muscles preparing them to carry and feed your baby while maintaining good posture. Besides the back muscles we will also be giving special attention to the abs, pelvic floor and legs. We will also be practicing breathing techniques, mantras and other forms of relaxation that will help mom to be in tune with her baby and quickly “recharge her batteries” as many of us don’t have the opportunity of having a full night of sleep for a while.
Previous yoga practice not necessary.

What do babies do in a yoga class?

Even though the first part of the class has it’s focus on mom, babies will be constantly stimulated. During the class you will have the opportunity to practice most of the poses with your baby: interacting, holding or even having your baby lying near you on a blanket. Babies love to follow the movement of their mommy’s arms and truly enjoy eye contact, there is a rich interaction during class. During the second half of the class we will be performing yoga and infant massage exercises with the babies. Those movements not only help them develop muscle tone but also alleviate colic, promote health sleep and relax.