Birth Doula Services

Doulas are a new addition to the maternity care system. Doulas recreate the woman-to-woman network of the past. They represent a return to the traditional ways of mothering the mother that are deeply needed during labor, childbirth and the weeks immediately afterward.

Doula derived from the Greek language, means a woman who serves. A doula nurtures women and their partners through the emotional and physical aspects of childbearing. Doulas provide non-medical support.

Most doulas have children of their own and are keenly aware of how sensitive and vulnerable a woman feels during pregnancy, labor and the early weeks as a new mother. A doula meets with you and your partner during pregnancy. She discusses food, rest, prenatal care, childbirth preferences, breast-feeding, bonding and early parenting.

Labor and Delivery: Birth Doula

In the United States women often fear the birth process, they don’t always trust their own bodies. Having another woman present to offer reassurance and encouragement used to be assumed; now it is rare. The continuous presence of an experienced doula during labor gives women confidence and greater satisfaction in birth, while reducing costs. Seven randomized control trials conclude that the presence of a doula is also associated with:

  • reduced cesarean rates (50%)

  • fewer forceps deliveries

  • less need of epidural (60%)

  • shorter labor (25%)

  • reduced use of oxytocin

  • neonate hospitalization and rate of complications reduced

  • increased rates of breast-feeding

  • reduction in postpartum depression

What is included in your doula package?

1st Prenatal Visit:

  • Discuss your birth vision/ intention

  • Talk about nutrition and exercise

2nd Prenatal Visit

  • Hospital Standard Procedure and Choice

  • Six steps for a safer birth

3rd Prenatal Visit

  • Pain Coping Techniques or Comfort Measures

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Baby Feeding

*Also provide unlimited support over the phone

On call from 2 weeks before birth until delivery.

Once in labor, I will stay in touch with you by phone and join you at the point you feel you need me and stay until one or two hour after birth.

1st Postnatal Visit

  • Review of birth experience

  • Basic Breastfeeding Support

  • Postnatal Care

Kelly was an essential part in my birth. I cannot picture my birthing experiences without her. From the first meeting and hearing her speak I knew she was the one I wanted to be a part of the birth process. Kelly’s calm demeanor and tender soul really made the entire process serene. Her support, guidance, and reassurance is what helped me through. I am so fortunate to know Kelly and to have had her by my side.

D.M (mother of 2)

I decided to have a doula two months before my due date. Kelly was recommended to me and when I met her, I thought that besides being sweet, she was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. We did yoga exercises, spoke about nutrition and did relaxing exercises that will help through labor. When labor started at home, we were in touch over the phone and met us later at the hospital. She was very helpful and helped me relax with different techniques. It was definitely helpful having her there. She helped me carry my birth plan as long as we could. My baby was a big baby and after 23 hrs of labor, I ended up with a c-section.  I appreciate all her support during my pregnancy, labor and postpartum follow up.

G.M ( First time Mother)